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Why You Should Choose Flexible Packaging?


Flexible Packaging is becoming a preferred form of packaging in different industries for its economical properties and diverse form. So, what exactly is flexible packaging?
Flexible Packaging is a solution made of materials that are versatile, adjustable, flexible(non-rigid), and can bend depending on what is being packaged. This packaging method has proven to be extremely economical and has an added advantage as it can be customized
depending on your products/ brand needs.
Flexible Packaging comes in different forms to favor different industries inclusive of food, beverage, dairy, confectionery, and the pharmaceutical industry. The forms of flexible packaging include shrink sleeves, laminate films, and laminate pouches.

What Are Shrink Sleeves?

They are a specific type of product labels that are essentially heat-wrapped around a product, such as a bottle or a can. These labels conform to the shape of the product or container. Most often, shrink sleeve labels are made of different materials inclusive of PVC ( PolyVinylChloride) & PET (PolyEthylene Terephthalate), BOPP Pearlized Films, and BOPP Films (bioxially oriented polypropylene)

Why Consider shrink sleeves for your product packaging?

  • They offer an option of manual application through the use of heat guns, making it a practical solution for small-scale industries.
  • They have different types of application depending on your brand need including full body shrink sleeve, entire product coverage except for the lid according to preference, neck-band sleeves these covers the product lid to offer extra protection, partial body sleeves commonly referred to as belly bands, these sleeves go around a portion of the product/bottle/can. Finally, Multi-pack sleeves, are credible for on-sale offers or
  • product marketing on shelves as they seal around /cover multiple cans by grouping them together.
  • This solution is cost-effective depending on the type of sleeving your brand requires.
  • It offers a highly attractive look that appeals to the client. This solution equally enables branding creativity.

What are Laminate Films?

They are films created to maximize packaging performance on the wide range of converting and food processing equipment found in today’s marketplace.

Why use Laminate Film for Packaging
  • Lamination can be achieved on single or multiple layers of the packets.
  • This packaging mode is highly regarded as it is durable and flexible.
  • It is also cost-effective due to its lightweight nature.
  • Highly suitable for packaging snacks, beverages, medicines, and pet products

What are Laminate Pouches?

These are packets (packages) sealed on all sides to enable the preservation of the packed items from moisture/water. They take different forms inclusive of a flat form, gusset, stand-up, spouted, or product shape depending on the pouch preference.

Advantages of Laminate Pouches.

  • The packets are capable of withstanding varying temperatures and are tamper & waterproof making them a preferred choice for food packaging.
  • The pouches can be customized to the various specifications of clients.
  • They offer a cost-effective solution depending on the type of laminate pouching you desire for your brand/ clients.
  • They are highly recommended for shipping as they save up on spaces and are light to pack
  • They equally are easy to handle at home, and on supermarket shelves, as they are light, colorful (depending on the product’s customized look), and easy to carry around despite the size.
  • Laminated pouches are diverse as they can be used to pack solid, liquid, and even frozen products.
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