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The Different Types of Packaging Pouches


Packaging through the use of pouches is a packaging suitably done for products like foods, supplements, snacks, powders, etc. The packaging is mainly done in something that resembles a bag. The packaging ‘bags’, and pouches are made from different materials that are equipped in
ensuring products inside the pack are safe from external factors such as light, heat, and odors.
The pouch packaging method has enabled different businesses to maximize space, marketing, and efficiency as the packages are easy to move around, easy to arrange on shelves, and with unique branding, they are easy to identify. However, there are a wide variety of pouches.

Gusset Pouches

  • The versatility and easy packaging mode of gusset pouches have made it very easy for packaging companies. The packaging capacity of a gusset pouch is most times not limited. The pouch equally stands out as the ability to serve a wide range of packaging functions.
  • Gusset Pouch Packaging is suitable for both edible and non-edible products eg: Snacks (crisps etc.), candy, coffee, liquid products, confectionary, powder soaps, and pharmaceutical products.
  • Gusset is a highly recommended packaging method that not only ensures your products are well-kept, it equally offers great usability for the customer as the packet is easy to carry around.
Pillow Pouch/ Center Seal

The pillow pouch that is commonly known as Center Seal is quickly becoming a market favorite and all because of its diversity. The pillow-like shape gives the packaging an upper hand over other pouch types. They also offer a lot of space, as the middle packets hold the volume and thus provide the reliability of the packaging of large products. The pillow pouch packages different goods e.g. nutraceuticals, spices, snacks etc.

3 Side Seal/ 4 Side Seal Pouch

The economical 3 side seal pouch is sealed on three sides and only one side is left open for filling.
This rather economical packaging format works on goods such as cosmetics. The packaging solution has been proven to be inexpensive and its customizable nature is even more reliable. The 3-side seal pouches are user-friendly as distributing products is easy and they are safe for
packaging products for human consumption

4 Side Seal Pouch

The 4 -side seal pouch is sealed on four sides with smaller capacities, 4 side seal pouches can secure a small space for products in an intact/compact form. Made with a tear notch they can easily be opened. They are suitable for packing floury products. They are equally tough and have a strong resistant feature.

Zip Lock Pouch

The famous zip lock pouch that is extremely reliable in different industries is becoming a solution that different industries are trying, this is because of its features that include customizable sizes, zip lock bags that are easy to open, they have strong sealing, zippers or lips can be sealed, opened and resealed limitlessly. The zip lock pouch is therefore a highly recommended packaging solution.
We provide you the different packaging solutions and advise on what packaging works best for your products. Click the link to explore more of what we offer Statpack Ltd | Food Packaging Solutions

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