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Conveying Solutions

Conveyor Solutions

Conveyors are used in manufacturing, food processing, mining and recycling industries to transfer packaged items quickly, efficiently and safely when goods are being moved frequently between specific points, over a fixed path or when there is a sufficient flow volume.

From simple line production to fully automated conveyors for high end users, our conveyors are available in a variety of widths and lengths.

1. Roller Conveyors

Consists of several parallel rollers and are ideal for use in picking stations, sorting systems and assembly lines.

2. Belt Conveyors

A smooth continuous rubberised conveyor used to conveniently move heavy objects and are ideal for factories and bakeries.

3. Expandable Conveyors

These are conveyors that can be extended and curved to suit different settings to requirement.

4. Modular Conveyors

Ideal for applications in the metalworking, packaging, assembling and general manufacturing industries.

5. Motorized Conveyors

The offered conveyors find extensive application in the logistics industry, warehouses and packaging line for loading and unloading heavy materials.

6. Line Shaft Conveyors

It is a low cost solution to many materials handling situations, suitable for simple movement of products or where low pressure accumulation is needed.

7. Incline Conveyors

This has the ability to do both dynamic and static gapping based on software and controls.

8. Customized conveyor systems for your packaging needs

Over 20 different types including roller, chain, incline, cleated, pallet, overhead, and belt conveyors.