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Glue Guns and Glue Sticks

Glue Guns and Glue Sticks

Regular Glue Gun

Regular glue guns are built with excellent feeding mechanism for controlling glue flow. With its easy-touse design and non-leaking nozzle, these items are great tools for bonding toys, plastic, ceramics and simple household repairs. We also provide low temperature models especially for bonding heat-sensitive items.

1. Professional Glue Gun TE9112

A convenient way for users in bonding for carpeting, woodworking, floral and simple home improvement either professionally or semi professionally.

The glue gun provide extra wattage and higher heating power to melt more glue faster and allows more glue flow than regular models.

Triggers are easy to grip, and effort-saving. The housing is heat resistant for more protection, grip control is ergonomic. It is a great tool for mid-volume users for a longer working time.


2. Mini Glue Gun TE308

Mini glue guns are great tools for starters. Its durable and compact designs, with heatresistant housing make these tools easy to operate. A good collection for arts and crafts, floral, and DIY projects. We also offer low temperature models for bonding heatsensitive objects.

3. Glue Sticks

Suitable in these applications; scrapbooking, textile and fabric bonding, florists, arts and crafts, simple household repairs etc.

These are not only popular but also superior hot melt glue sticks.