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Weight & Inspection Solutions

Weight & Inspection Solutions

We provide products, solutions and services to the industry for increasing the reliability, safety and efficiency of production and packaging lines. Our portfolio covers applications from goods-in to goodsout, including automated and manual processes.

1. Check Weighers

Checkweighers are used for in-line verification of product weight or completeness.

These offer different needs in terms of accuracy, throughput, hygienic design and regulation compliance.


2. X-Ray Machines

These machines are used for inspecting packaged products.

Typical applications include cartons, boxes, pouches, bags, trays and sachets that can contain a wide variety of dry or liquid food products.


3. Metal Detectors

These are for the inspection of food and other products.

The systems are capable of detecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and separating any products contaminated with these metals, reliably from the production or packaging line.


4 Bench & Floor Scales

We offer a complete portfolio of weighing platforms and floor scales which you can connect to either a weighing terminal or directly to a control system.

5. Truck Scales

We offer two different truck scale terminal solutions. Simple weight indicators for accurate and clear weight display and transmission to a PC based truck scale management system. Or, the powerful Maxxis 5 weighing controller featuring extensive operator / driver dialog, accessory control, ticket printing and batching functionality.

6. Pendeo® Truck

Intelligent truck weighing

This system is 100% compatible with analog Minebea load cells with intuitive operation.

It offers maximum resistance to lightning strike and environmental influences.


7. Midrics® Scale Indicator


Midrics scale indicators are made of AISI 304 stainless steel with backlit display, 14 segment, 20mm LCD for weight readouts. They come with integrated A/D-converter for connecting analogue platforms.


8. Midrics® Weighing Platforms

Painted & stainless Steel versions GF, IG

These platforms are innovatively designed with 4 adjustable leveling feet and are easy to clean. Both versions are suitable for industrial use.